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Advanced Scan Module

A powered scan

This module enables the digital dentist to obtain a higher resolution 3D model, thanks to an optimized reconstruction algorithm.
The number of polygons is up to 4x the Base Scan 3D model.
The resulting face scan also provides the ears of the patient, which can be used within the Ortho Module to draw custom reference planes.
Furthermore, you will obtain better results when superimposing a face scan to an intraoral scan using either one of the IRT or SRT alignment protocols.
The patient is sitting in front of ObiScanner, taking an advance 3D model of her face by simply rotating her head from right to left and back.
ObiScanner software offers on PC a grid to scan the patient's face is the right position. Here is how the dentist see the patient's face in this grid., to check the position while the patient turns her head for taking the face scan



The Advanced Scan Module requires higher computational power compared to the Base Scan. It will still work on a intel 6th Gen PC with 4GB of RAM, but to speed up the computation process, we strongly recommend a more powerful PC with at least 16GB of RAM and i7-8th Gen or newer.

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