Fast. Reliable. HD.

This lightweight scanner has been designed to rapidly capture a textured 3D model of the face, with no invasive lights exposition which may disturb the patient and with no requirement to stand still for long periods of time.

Light, fast and intuitive.

ObiScanner is based on safe-to-use laser class 1 compliant technology making it an excellent solution for any technology driven dental practice.

Can be used

ObiScanner’s ease of use, speed and compatibility with any CAD system (Exocad, Dentalwings, 3Shape, Rhino, etc), as well as CBCT and iOS scanners, has made it the missing piece of the digital dentistry workflow in all the best dental practices.

ObiScanner is an essential product in several fields of dentistry:

in orthodontics when used as a verification tool of the maxillary sinus growth in children, avoiding x-rays.

in digital smile design (DSD) helping the practitioner recreating the smile based on the face outlines and the iOS scan.

as a powerful 3D communication tool between patient and clinician and the clinician and the lab, allowing to achieve a true 3D smile design.

System Requirements

Windows 10 PC (up to 10.0.16299 – Fall Creators Update).

1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 ports.

Intel Processor 6th generation or newer.

4GB of RAM and 8GB free Disk space.

Tech Specs


RGB Camera 1080p at 30 frames

Infrared (IR) Laser Projector System, up to 200FPS Infrared, class 1 Laser Compliant

Face model with 40K/60K polygons

Scanner range 30-90 cm (optimal position 50 cm)

Windows 10 integrated support

External software integration (MeshLab, Exocad, Dentalwings, Geomagic)